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Have you ever wondered what makes some publications more successful than others, even when they have the same content or offer the same information? Typesetting is able to make any article, journal, book or document appear more professional and polished, allowing your readers to become more engaged in what they are reading and to hold your production in a higher esteem. A tidy and professional piece of work is far more likely to catch your audiences’ attention and hold it as they read; if your work is unorganised and doesn’t look neat, professional and user friendly, then your audience won’t enjoy reading it, and will likely stop before they’ve even finished the publication.

If you are looking for reliable typesetting, Academic + Technical is a great alternative for you. With a professional team of typesetters well versed in publishing applications such as Arbortext (3B2) or Adobe InDesign, Academic + Technical offers a proficient and specialised typesetting service that will be able to take care of all your publishing and typesetting needs. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers are pleased with the high quality service that we can offer, and whether you want us to alter and edit a fact sheet or a science paper, through our services you can be assured that your project will be treated with professionalism and care.