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Typesetting Services

Typesetting Services


Scanning Documents for Typesetting

As well as our typesetting services, we offer a range of scanning services. We can offer mono, colour, half-tones and line art scanning.
During the course of typesetting your document, you may wish to include a full colour illustration. We use industry standard typesetting software and scanning equipment to scan the illustrations and then position them within the document.
The end result is a document that’s greatly improved with the addition of a visual element.

Illustrations and Typesetting

We have an extensive range of tools at our disposal to create illustrations. An important component of typesetting is to break up text, making it more readable and easier to digest. A really effective way to do this is by adding illustrations.
We have a wide range of typesetting software and hand tools available to our designers so that we can create exactly what you are looking for.

Already Have Some Illustrations?

We also offer a re-labelling service that you can use across your typesetting project. With this service, you can ensure that your entire document will be of the same, consistently high quality, and make sure that nothing within your document looks out of place.

Editing Tools for Typesetting

We have a wide variety of typesetting tools at our disposal. As such we can edit the document and alter the typesetting to match your exacting specifications. With this option at your disposal, you can ensure that the services that we supply suit your text, and that your document is returned to you with the high quality standard you can expect from us.
There’s nothing more important to us than our customers, and you can rely on us to provide you with the typesetting services that’s right for you.

Typesetting and XML

XML is a standard for defining and sharing data on the Web, including Web content. Users of XML may define vocabularies — sets of tags or element names, such as 'title', 'section', 'citation' and attributes such as 'id' — to identify elements and structures in a document. With XML, organizations can develop mark-up which captures the structural and semantic properties of their documents and data. 
Due to its enormous success in the web industry there is a wealth of printed material that is structured using XML. For books or documents that really want to get the most out of the final product effective typesetting of the XML code is imperative.
We provide XML conversion services. Text taken from a variety of sources is passed through our sophisticated typesetting interface and the XML content is formatted to automatically create pages of XML.